Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life Painting

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shared Drawing

This was done by me, Kenny, and Sunny. We took turns working back and forth on our napkin art. I think we each brought something the other couldn't and that it we couldn't do on our own. 

Life Painting

So this is my first oil painting done for my first life painting class.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mini Comic For Space

Hey dont have much time to link to all the details, but I am going to an underground comics convention in Columbus on April 24th. For part of a class I need to make a minicomic to show off, either to sell or give away. My plan is to make two brand new ones that fit with same short story, different perspective but fit together so two different comics, also thinking of fixing up some old ones, but first work on one, then the other, then the old. work by importance to get done, because I only need one new one for the class.

Its this idea I know everyone thinks of as pirates vs ninja, well what if a pirate and ninja fell in love? This mini doesnt go into the detail of how they get together, but more of their escape. I would like to do a his and her view, but right now I am working on the Girl Ninja's point of view. No they do not have names yet, because they dont talk to each other, all thought. But might create names when the story is more clear to me. but here are some sketches I have so far.

oh and they are backward because they are quick photographs, when I get the comic done I will show it off to my fans, though I am thinking of selling them at space, my following fans get free via web, but if you want a hard copy, you have to buy it. It cause money to make these things.