Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Avatar Gang

So during a late night avatar watching party with friends. Me and some of my art buddies decided to sketch one of my sketches was oh me and my closest cincy friends as a warrior for each element. We all pretty much was divided in the fact that, I felt I would be a fire bender, and sunny related to the earth benders, and Emily to the water benders, then also we put kenny the extra as an air bender because he really can be passive when it comes to fighting. He is not the avatar just an air bender. Oh wait I should be tlaking about teh my work, woops!

So you can see the sketch it was taken a photo of since my scanner is currently not working. But that is right out of the book. I really wanted to make this us and not the characters but I did base some of our designs on avatar characters to fit the theme and mater our element bending tribes. But its just us.

So im working with photoshop in coloring and drawing and I thought I would quickly make a new layer to show how the colors are going to start building up then eventually I think I can remove past layers as I need and they arent needed, like the original sketch its self

So no lines and not much figured out with color balance and I know Im going to change a couple of things since its photoshop and I can do whatever, but this is what it looks like currently and there is more to do and show. I'll be sure to up date on this sketch and I have a couple of other doodles I might be throwing in here to do the same thing,

Also Sunny Han, has been a lot of help getting me more comfortable with drawing in photoshop and really has been inspirational to my drawing recently. We've actually have done a lot of common theme stuff I think we might be feeding each other creativity. But shes great so check out her blog

Also check out Emily Thompson, she has been doing some great design work, and im really proud of her work, its really interesting and different.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A tattoo

So its not developed, but here is the idea to this design.

My step mom keeps talking about wanting to get a tattoo on her foot, and a connection to her kids.

So I thought of making a design for that, its a flower, and each petal will have a name of someone closer to her, and she could always add falling petals of future grandbabies and stuff of that nature.

Right now its a rainbow, but I think its not really her, and its more me, but its a work in progress. So here is the first step I guess.