Friday, May 21, 2010


Bad Joke

So there was vandalism at my College and while the school was attacked in multiple ways one of the things that happened was someone put a bunch of oil paint on all the locks at the lockers. I spent 30 minutes getting oil paint off. While it was put on my lock, to clean it, I had to get it off the locker which meant putting my key in the painted lock, then it got on my hands as I had to hold it to get it to the trash can and sink to clean. I took this picture after cleaning for awhile, it was a very long process. Also my hands where dried out because i had to use paint thinner because soap wasn't enough.

Im just putting this on here so maybe people can see. I dont know if it was just a punk or an artist who did it. But I hope there can be more respect for the art community at my school, and I hope that somehow I can assist in making the art world better somewhere.

Note: They also broke into the vending machines and robbed the snacks breaking teh glass everywhere, and spray painted in peoples studios.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Check it out!

In life painting a friend of mine was viewing this website and was telling me about the artist, how this person was an illustrator and worked up from their to making advertising and selling personal work. I think this is really interesting and all should check it out!

In The Buff