Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quick Update

So I haven't done much on here but I have done a lot. I've made comics, drawings, and done a few small craft like projects that I just haven't documented or posted. Particularly because they are more for me than for show. They arent fully developed, but it is me. Recently I've been really into gaming in the role playing world of imaginations and I really like illustrating my characters and bringing them to life.

As an artist who likes to tell stories I am trying to make a story to DM, or to Dungeon Master. For those that don't know what that means that would be me making an adventure for other people to go though. I like the idea of creating this world, and seeing how my friends who go through my world like my non playing characters, the description of the world, and the over all story. If goes well, maybe I can make a functioning online game with flash that will have choices.

Unfortunately for a video game there is so much more limitations and a lot to be developed for a story to show where the characters could lead. I made one game but didn't finish the graphics for an animation class, and I think i would like to update that and post to show what I am talking about. Like a choose your own adventure book, but game.

Though currently most of my focus and time has been to job hunting. Luckily I had an interview in one week for a Teaching Assistant job at a preschool. And I have just been commissioned to do a large family portrait painting for a good friend of mine. I am very hopeful for both of these opportunities and I feel confident that given the chance I can do a great job.

This Post is less about my art and more about me as an artist. We are constantly searching and moving forward for progress in our lives and work because we have to, to fulfill our desires to create. But I feel a calling with my work. There is something about having a real choice. Not playing a game with one time line and a guarantee of winning if you finish. Just the idea of Living a different life, where you could die and no accomplish anything, or save the world. Just the concept of being swept away in a story fascinates me. So for now I leave you with that, and I hope to have more to show soon.