Monday, February 8, 2010

The Last Conversation

This is page one to a comic that made me break down and cry. I spent a lot of time thinking about exactly how to illustrate myself, my mother, and my younger self. As it develops you get a chance to see the relationship by my mother and what happened to pull us apart, and you actually get to read my last conversation with my mother in 2007. While it is only a four page comic I want to keep this one a little more private until I find the right time to sell my work.

I have also started writing another small comic about a dream of my mothers death I had. Both comics address the issues of love and family. What do you do when your own mother tells you she doesn't love you. While everyone deals with it differently, I wrote a comic.

The Last Conversation
March 16th 2009

I use to think I had two parents
Come on bubby, it is time for bed.
But Daddy never makes me go to bed this early.
Your Daddy? Do you still see your dad? In this house?

Bubby this is very important. You have to tell me. Do you still see your dad?
Mommy said not to talk about Daddy in front of you.
Tyler... You have to tell me if you see him here.
Your Daddy hurt me really bad and I have to know.
Yeah sometimes he visits.
But then I learned I never really had a mother.

Okay Tyler, thank you for telling me but you must go to bed now.
Okay? Goodnight Bubby.


And then, knowing what I knew, I had to sit there.
Alone in the dark for hours, waiting for her to come home.

Mom we need to talk.

© Kristen Johnson

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