Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Make Your Own Album Cover

Make Your Own Album Cover game. Although the rules of the game have appeared on blogs and messageboards all over the web, the inventor remains unidentified.

The game has five simple steps:

Get a band name! Simply use the title of a randomly-generated Wikipedia article.

Get an album title! Use the last four or five words from the last quote on a page of random quotations.

Get some album art! Use the image thrown up using this Flickr tool, which generates random images.

Make it look nice! Using Photoshop, Paint, or whatever graphics software you have, fiddle your band logo and album title into some kind of visually-pleasing assemblage.

Post the results And that's it! The fun part of the game is in seeing what beautiful collisions of image and text fate can throw together, and then imagining what kind of music the resulting band might play, maybe even inventing an imaginary biog for them. There's bound to be myriad Facebook groups dedicated to the game, and it seems to have spawned at least one "real" band, although for better or worse most of the associations the game throws up tend to be very post-rock.

The catch is that you can only spend about 5 minutes on it. So here is what I did.

© Kristen Johnson

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