Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Average Life with Smokers

I want to make a comic that is based around a character that many people can relate to, a common person who will experience events as if a day to day life. The comics would not have to be read in order to understand or anything like that. This is the written idea I made before making the comic. I think it is interesting, because this moment is something I know many people have experienced maybe not the same as the main character, but maybe you can relate to one of the other roles. Or possibly you have seen this situation happen to someone else. Feel free to comment on what this piece means to you, and what it makes you think.

My Average Life : By Kristen Johnson

My Average Life with the Smokers : Kristen Johnson

Ugh... Smokers.

They Are Always at the Exits
Oh well, lets just go.

Woah seriously?

I Know... How immature!

Excuse me?

They need to grow up!


First off these are fucking garabage that go into the Garbage can!
Not on the fucking ground! You stupid shitheads!

Secondly these cause lung cancer!
I don't want to die so you can slowly pollute the environment, land, and air,
while killing those around you!

And thirdly, I have asthma you retards!
One Sniff of these things and I get sick and cough,
if it gets down in my lungs from inhaling too much then
I get sick and vomit.

So there you mother fuckers!
Wake up and realize you're breaking the law by being so close to the door!

And secondly everyone hates your kind,
we are just nice to say anything to your face!

Woah seriously?

I Know... How immature!

I wish I was brave enough to say something to those smokers.

© Kristen Johnson

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