Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some wild ideas

So this all started as a class thing, where every week we would turn in an idea, no mater how wild or crazy, for an art piece. This is the list of the ideas I had for this quarter. Please enjoy ^^

Kristen Johnson
January 12

Today’s political party people in a Batman setting, either an animation or a comic where Obama ends up being Batman, and Dick Cheney is the penguin and Al Gore is Poison Ivy. The idea would be to basically to show the stress and how much pressure is on The President and how impossible it is to get stuff done with conflicting forces and how many people get in the way. The people of the house and senate would work kind of as henchmen.

The story would start out in the Oval Office; Obama is having a monologue talking about the world and the troubles. While looking out the window at the end of his speech he sees the presidential seal in the sky and walks out of the office.

While walking down the hall, multiple secretaries and cabinet members are discussing issues, some big some small. Then he walks onto the rooftop and sees the vp, Joe Bidon. He discusses an issue, such as health care, but I don't want to use that one. He runs to the house and Al Gore starts talking about global warming and how people school die to save the plants and then Al Gore fights Obama with people of the house are henchmen. After epic fight scene he goes to the senate.

The people of the senate are under control of the conservative Dick Cheney, very intense battle where his speech is about money and guns, claiming that Obama is worst than a communist, because he is a socialist. When Obama finally wins he goes back to his office, all beaten and worn down, then turns on the news to see people complain about how he does nothing.

The end would end with a monologue similar to the beginning. Talking about the roughness and the challenges with the job and that even though he is not appreciated, he does serve the country and therefore does not plan on ignoring his obligations he has chosen to defend his country.

Kristen Johnson
January 19

I would like to get a small gallery space. Nothing to small, big enough to fit people walking around, but more or less one room. I would like to literally, have multiple gesture drawings and completed works of the nude models in different movements and different sizes. There would be no room around the pieces. It would have a one, together and unified look that will make the person walking around feel like they are in the sketchbook page. So for this to work the wall and ceiling would be completely covered, and there would a few unique sculptures that would have a figure drawing feel.

I think the purpose of this would be to make people feel what its like for the learning process of realism for an artist. Its all about the processes and how we are surrounded and consumed by our work. I think that it will make non artist feel what its like. They will feel awkward, or nervous. They will have an opinion. I want the person to relate to the story of the artist, the amount of work, the amount of understanding used to create work.

Kristen Johnson
January 26th

I don't know the media I would want to do this but it is inspired by a dream I had. I currently don't talk to my mother because of a serious situation that cannot be ignored. And even though I have tried to forgive my mother she always betrayed me.

I had a dream that my mother had a heart attack. She was alive but in critical condition and I thought about going back to my hometown to visit her but I couldn’t. I felt like I couldn’t so I tried to ignore it. I tried hanging out with my friends, but then I couldn’t get my mind off it, so I decided that even if she betrayed me, I would go home, but when I got there it was to late.

I know this doesn't go into complete detail of my current situation, but I think at some point I would like to write a graphic novel on this situation.

Kristen Johnson
February 2n

I like to doodle woman characters in interesting little unique outfits. I know this would be kind of fashion, but I would like to create these dresses and outfits and just show the sketchy fast pace of my doodle in a completed outfit. I don’t know how I would show this work, right now I would want to make it just to for myself. But I think it would be really into photography of these women dressed as my doodle characters in different setting. Probably like a fashion magazine, but blown up, and exhibited in a gallery space.

Not sure what the meaning would be, but I would want it to be visually forward and bright imagery in a darker setting with high contrast. Like the images would be blown up so the girls where life size, with spot lights.

Kristen Johnson
February 9

So this is an idea for a very small comic that would be produced for the anime community and the fandom. This is based off something I have seen, but might not make as much since if you are not in the anime culture as much.

It would start off me getting in line for a ticket at a convention for anime. And in front of me is a small group of middle school girls in different costumes, with a dad guardian. He would be talking about how he doesn't know how he feels about the whole anime culture thing and how its really weird to him. His daughter would justify it.

Then out of nowhere a pedobear cosplayer (pedophile bear – doesn’t actually doing, its just an ironic name for a teddy bear) he pops up and hugs the little girls then runs away. The girls laugh and giggle and the dad who doesn’t recognize the pedobear as anything other than a large teddy bear then makes a comment a short simple line about how he guesses the convention isn’t that bad.

The joke is that while justifying the innocence of the con, they get hugged by an icon of perversion, which is funny because they know he is only dressed as this fictitious character. And the dad just sees a polite person in a teddy bear costume and only sees the innocence without seeing the name tag.

Kristen Johnson
February 16

After listening to a narration by Patrick Stewart for the official Castlevania: Lords of Shadow E3 trailer. I got an idea to create a trailer for a sequel to paper tiger dogfight. This would be about Lovenote. It would talk about Lovenotes journey through the war and how he lost his paper doll who he was just wanting to get home too. After losing the war he begins a resistance with rocks that will overcome the new emperor and leader, The scissors, he will try and persuade the rock and divide them. And this movie will show more of the process of the beginning of a war between the balance and how Lovenote gave up everything for the war and how that affected him mentally and he felt that it was for northing if the paper could not some how get back into control.

As the war process begins again Index cards daughter who had been working to hold the balance with the rock and scissors will save the day. While it is discovered that Lovenote had done all of these things. Index’s daughter, Post’it will show compassion and stop him with her love and support instead of the violence like in the original when scissors and rock killed lots of people.

Kristen Johnson
March 2

So this is something I want to do next year my senior year in a metal shop class even thought its not my normal art style. I have created metal sculptures and worked in the metal shop class but what I want to do is create epic old weapons, like Maces, Axes, and Swords. I know this would be more for the look than the actual usage, but it is interesting how some people are still drawn towards these items and like to play epic action adventure games where the characters fight with such a thing.

The amazing part is the cosplay world where people commission work like this for their costumes and will pay hundreds of dollars for a two handed axe. I would like to get into that industry as a side thing. Making commissioned weapon. I really enjoy the old skill of blacksmithing, and would love to create these weapons.

The greatest part is, the industry now for these weapons is look over function so they can be extremely big, heavy, and with distorted shapes. Interesting to the eye, because no one uses them to fight anymore. I have some sketches of orginal ideas, but if I could ever get into doing this normally I would remake things like Dante’s Inferno game weapon, or the keyblades from Kingdom hearts for commissions, because people want that and there is a higher market for that.

© Kristen Johnson

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